Tele Vue-60 APO

The Tele Vue 60 is the most portable APO (total color correction) telescope we make. The body (less diagonal and eyepiece) is only 10"-long. It has a unique drawtube focus for a quick change from near to far viewing, plus a fine helical focuser. A sliding dew/glare shield with convenient snap-on lens cover can also accept 77mm filters. Optional carry case available.


Highly portable TV-60 APO shown with optional 60° diagonal, and optional eyepiece. Optional soft case available.

TV-60: Recommendations by Al Nagler, telescope designer

  1. You will need a diagonal. The 60º mirror diagonal, part-number DPC-6012 will give you the brightest, sharpest and the most comfortable viewing experience. Left-right is reversed. An alternate is the 45º erect image diagonal (AMI-0011), which is not recommended for astronomical use over 100x.
  2. You need a low power eyepiece to get the maximum field of 225' @ 1000 yards: 32mm Plössl* @ 11x or 24mm Panoptic @ 15x.
  3. For medium power: 10mm Delos* @ at 36x or 11mm Nagler @ 33x.
  4. For higher power: 6mm Delos* @ 60x or 7mm Nagler @ 51x.
  5. For viewing planets: 3.5mm Delos* or 3.5mm Nagler @ 103x.
  6. For easy telescope aiming, consider adding the Qwik-Point red-dot finder.

TV-60: More Information

TV-60: Published Reviews

Mark Kilner's telekilnesis blog post: Answer: "It's a Tele Vue." on using the TV-60 for nature photograpny, spotting and astronomy.

This scope is comparable in size, weight, and image quality to the best Swarovski or Kowa spotting scopes and may cost considerably less, ... .

Dr. Rosenberg, K. "Scope Quest 2008". Living Bird, (2008 Winter). 46 - 47.
TV-60 APO is perfectly portable (body only 10" long). Shown below with optional case and optional accessories.
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