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Tele Vue-76  Tele Vue-85

Tele Vue-76
A very impressive accomplishment, and a fine birding scope for those who dare to be different...and who are dedicated to the best view of the bird possible.
— Stephen Ingraham, Better View Desired

A 'Better View Desired' Reference Standard: "Products so outstanding that they set the performance standard for their class."
— Stephen Ingraham, Better View Desired

Tele Vue-85
The Tele Vue 85 goes beyond need. The 85 shows, at any distance and any power, right out to the limits of daylight viewing, all the detail, I am convinced, that there is to see. In direct comparison with the finest scopes on the market, the Tele Vue 85 consistently shows a brighter, more subtly detailed, image of the bird. You can see things in the Tele Vue's image that just aren't there in the Pentax 80 mm or the Nikon Fieldscope. You can see things in the 85's image that aren't there in the Ranger. In the testing situation pictured above on the Kennebunk Plains, the detail was especially evident in the breast feathers of the hawk. All of the scopes clearly showed the feather pattern of the breast. The 85 showed individual feathers. At closer range, the 85 is the equivalent of a long range microscope, showing more detail than you could possibly see with the naked eye, even at 25x.
— Stephen Ingraham, Better View Desired

One of the things that impressed us most was the scope's whopping field of view at high power. In fact, at 60x the Tele Vue 85 has a field of view as wide as that of most other scopes when they're used at low power. And, the 25x-75x zoom provided a bright, crisp image all the way up to full magnification.
— Living Bird

The scope [Tele Vue 85] really proved its value last fall at the Montezuma Muckrace - an annual birding competition and conservation fundraiser held each year at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge - where it was used to scan shorebirds on a massive mudflat. The clarity and brightness of the scope made it possible to make accurate bird identifications at staggering distances. By changing eyepieces, this scope was dead sharp at all powers, surpassing the image quality of any other scope.
— Living Bird

[U]sing the equivalent of a 25x-75x zoom lens, the Tele Vue 85 attained an almost unimaginable level of brightness and edge-to-edge sharpness. As the day became more and more overcast and dusk was approaching, the Tele Vue provided a significantly superior image at 75x than either the Swarovski or Leica could muster at 60x.
— Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Living Bird Editor and Director of Conservation Science, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

[T]he Tele Vue took me for one of the best birding rides of my life. Scanning across the lake at 75x, I spotted a whitish speck in the distant heat waves that I thought might be a loon. I then inserted a 2x Barlow lens between the zoom eyepiece and the scope, doubling its magnification to an incredible 150x. I could then clearly make out the face pattern and upturned bill of a Red-Throated Loon. This local rarity was not even visible through my 10x binoculars.
— Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Living Bird Editor and Director of Conservation Science, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The clarity of the image for terrestrial applications is stunning. I can't wait to use the scope at our local bird sanctuary.
— R.J. NM (from warranty card)

Far superior picture to anything else we looked at. Ideal instrument for stargazing & birding from our beach house. Looking forward to many years of exciting viewing.
— H.B., OR (from warranty card)

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