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Paracorr Telescope Accessories > Paracorr > In-Travel Adapter
In-Travel Adapter

This 2" to 1¼" adapter makes 17.3mm and 14mm Delos models parfocal with most Tele Vue 1¼" eyepieces (including other Delos focal lengths) that use the Paracorr Type-2 reducing adapter.

See 1¼" section of Visual Use Chart.

In-Travel Adapter....
In-Travel Adapter.
In-Travel Adapter on...
In-Travel Adapter on Delos 14mm.

Comparison of Delos eyepieces in Paracorr Type-2 using In-Travel adapter and Paracorr's reducing adapter. Both eyepieces can be set at Paracorr's Tunable Top position "D".

17.3 or 14mm Delos i...
17.3 or 14mm Delos in Paracorr, using In-Travel Adapter, at position "D"
12mm — 3.5mm D...
12mm — 3.5mm Delos in Paracorr, using Paracorr's reducing adapter, at position "D"

Comparison of In-Travel adapter to Paracorr T-2 and High Hat adapters. Note how the interior eyepiece holder is counterbored on the In-Travel adapter. Unlike the other adapters shown, this allows the In-Travel adapter to seat the eyepiece below its top surface.

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AIT-2125 2”-1¼” In-Travel Adapter

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