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Dialing Instructions Article > Dialing Instructions
Notes on International Dialing

All country-to-country calls must be initiated with the international dialing prefix specific to the caller's long distance carrier (ex. "011" in North America and "00" in most of Europe) — consult your long distance phone carrier.

In the World List the number inside brackets (ex. "[+44]") is the country code prefix, used by callers outside that country. The number in parenthesis (ex. "(0)") is the national long distance prefix used by long distance callers within the dealer's country. Callers use one or the other of these prefixes as required — not both.

World List Example: [+44] (0) 123 4567

In the above example, callers outside the country would dial their international dialing prefix followed by: "44 123 4567." Long distance callers within that country would dial "0 123 4567."

For the North America List the country code and long distance prefix are both "1" — so all phone numbers are shown prefixed with a "1" and the bracket and parenthesis notation is not used.

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