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Dates here are when Tele Vue is in attendance and may not reflect duration of event. Many dark-sky star parties require pre-registration and can sell out before the event. Click event link for information.

Event Link
10/1/2016NY Urban Starfest Central Park, NY
1 mile from Times Square, 7pm to 10 pm. FREE!
Join Al Nagler and the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York for a stargaze in Central Park's Sheep Meadow (free of glare from local New York City lights).
9/24/2016 - 10/2/2016OK Okie-Tex Star Party Kenton, Oklahoma
Camp Billy Joe, just outside of town, near the NM and CO border, about 150-mi north of Amarillo, TX
John Rhodes will be there.*
*Bring YOUR eyeglass prescription and find out how much your
resolution improves with a DIOPTRX eyesight astigmatism corrector.

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