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Nature images taken with the Tele Vue-NP101 and Canon 7D. "The NP-101 is very much up the the challenge of the 18 megapixel CMOS chip in the new Canon 7D."

Summer 2012 Images
Great Blue Heron...
Great Blue Heron
Queen Bee...
Queen Bee
Fall 2011 Images
Red-Shouldered Hawk ...
Red-Shouldered Hawk pair. '[A]n image of our Red-Shouldered hawk couple trying to warm themselves after a cool night.'
Red-Shouldered 'Halloween' Hawk. 'The scope continues to impress family, friends, and myself on each outing. Still one of the most capable and easy to carry scopes available.'
Summer 2010 Images
Anhinga mom....
Anhinga mom.
Great Egret...
Great Egret
Young Tricolored Her...
Young Tricolored Heron.

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