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NP101is Reviews

Astronomy Review Excerpts from "A wide-field imager's dream scope"

Appearance, fit, and finish
Tele Vue has a reputation for producing telescopes as beautiful to look at as they are to look through, and the NP101is is no exception. From the optical tube's pebblegrain, powder-coated ivory finish to the glass-bead-finished, black-anodized focuser, lens cell, and dew shield, the telescope exudes quality.
Illumination and color
The NP101is provided a well-illuminated, uniform field that dropped off by less than 10 percent at the extreme corners.
Because the typical CCD chip detects a wider range of wavelengths than the human eye, deficiencies in color correction are obvious. The usual symptom is blue-bloat, where blue halos surround stars. The NP101is was free of chromatic aberration, as demonstrated by the celestial images accompanying this article.
Visual observing
This telescope offers a side benefit for nonimagers: It's an even-better observing telescope. A large-chip CCD camera with small pixels requires telescope edge-field performance that far exceeds the performance required for visual observation.
The NP101is provided a visual observing experience unmatched by most similarsized telescopes I have used.

— Burnell, J. "A wide-field imagerís dream scope". Astronomy (January 2008). Full Review.

Sky & Telescope Hot New Product for 2007 Award

Optimized for Astrophotography
Among the most highly rated apochromatic telescopes we've ever tested, the Tele Vue Nagler-Petzval line has been reengineered for astrophotography.

— Editors. "Hot New Products for 2007". Sky & Telescope (January 2007). p. 102, 103.

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