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Owner's Comments
  • A work of art to look at. A work of optical brilliance to look through. A masterpiece to enjoy. — R.L., NY
  • Great Optics — G.R., NY
  • Great Scope! — W.H., IN
  • I also own a TV85 and NP101. — K.S., CA
  • Awesome scope. — M.W., AR
  • Visual perfection. — J.L., PA
  • Amazing! — G.G., Canada
  • Excellent system - all parts make taking photos much easier. — B.P., NJ
  • My first views last night were remarkable. In light polluted skies and a full moon, Saturn was spectacular!! — K.M., NC
  • The first few experiences are excellent. — J.P., Czech Republic
  • Very pleased with scope. — S.R., OH
  • All your products are given high reviews by my club members. — G.A., NY
  • This will be the last telescope I will ever need to buy. Thanks for a superb instrument. — M.S., Canada
  • Wow! Awesome!!! — J.W., MN
  • Just plain nice!!! — W.J., NY
  • Brilliant, just brilliant, I still love my NP101 but my NP127is is just brilliant. Cheers — S.J., Australia
  • What can I say - I'm in love with this scope!!! — M.C, Australia
  • High quality of products. — D.M., TX

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