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Tripods and Heads Bought Separately

Tele-Pod Heads can be purchased without tripod and have "-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes for mounting on photographic and Tele Vue tripods. Tele-Pod, Panoramic, and Gibraltar tripods sold separately — except pre-2002 Gibraltar tripods — have the 3/8"-16 hardware for mounting Tele-Pod heads. Owners of pre-2002 Gibraltar mounts must purchase the Gib Upgrade Kit (GUK-1001) to mount a Tele-Pod head sold separately.

Product List
Telescope Mounts
PAT-8011 Pano - Ash Tripod Only
G5H-3016 Gib5 Head
TPH-1016 Tele-Pod Head only
TPT-2017 Tele-Pod (Advanced) Tripod only
TEC-1018 Eyepiece Caddy Set
HAN-1000 Mount Handle Assem.
GUK-1001 Gib Upgrade Kit
TPP-4018 Panoramic Post
TAC-1003 Air-Chair
Sky Tour Computers & Mounts
SKC-3000 Sky Tour Computer
SKN-3001 Orig. Style Gib Encoder Kit
STN-4001 Pano/TelePod/ Gib Encoder Kit
STS-5002 Gib5 Azimuth Spacers
SCP-1019 Sky Tour Caddy Plate

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