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Digital Indicator

Our Digital Indicator makes the Focusmaster autofocus system unique: it is the only closed loop system on the market. For you this means absolute focus accuracy and repeatability. This is due to removal of focus system lash and slippage from the equation, since actual focus travel is being measured and reported back to your camera control software.

Digital Indicators installed on telescopes without Focusmaster can employ TVFocus software and a special cable to monitor focus position on a Windows PC.

TVFocus Sofware

Designed to work with Tele Vue's Digital Indicator kits and special RS232 cable, TVFocus is software that displays focuser position on your computer.

Software Feature Highlights
  • Continuous or momentary position readout
  • Up to four preset positions (saved between sessions)
    This feature is handy when swapping filters that change the point of best focus or when using non-parfocal eyepieces
  • Yellow and green indicators when you are approaching or have achieved a preset focus position
  • Zero reset allows you to zero the indicator at any point

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