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Ilias Ntagioglou
2013 Article > Ilias Ntagioglou

Images taken with the Tele Vue-NP101is and QHY9 camera.

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M42 Orion Nebula
2.75 hours total exp...
2.75 hours total exposure: 85min with the L filter, 23min with Green, 23min with Red and 35min with Blue
Picture of the month, Astronomy Now mag. May 2013
M45 Pleiades Cluster
2.9 hours total expo...
2.9 hours total exposure: 95min Lum, 25min Red, 20min Green, 35min Blue
NGC-7129 in Cepheus
3.6 hours total expo...
3.6 hours total exposure: 110min Lum, 35min in each color filter
NGC-6888 Crescent Nebula in Cygnus
3.4 hours total expo...
3.4 hours total exposure: 25min Lum, 100min H-alpha, 25min Red, 30min Green, 25min Blue

All images Copyright © 2013 by Ilias Ntagioglou and used by permission.

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