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Peter P. Lardizabal Nature Images
with Canon 7D DSLR
Images from 2013....
Images from 2013.
Images from 2010-201...
Images from 2010-2012.

Peter P. Lardizabal Space Images
with Canon 30D DSLR
An Atlas V rocket bo...
An Atlas V rocket booster tumbles after launching from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. (We can't tell you more as it was a classified launch.) This image, from Jacksonville, Florida, was published on
Peter P. Lardizabal Nature Images
with Canon 30D DSLR
Don McNair's Nature Images
with Tele Vue Powermate amplifiers and Nikon D200 DSLR

Bernard Hubl Images
cameras include:
Canon 1000D / Rebel XS DSLR
Canon 10D DSLR
Jeff Rzepka's Deep Sky Celestial Wonders
TV-NP101 Gallery...
TV-NP101 Gallery
TV-NP101 Hα Ga...
TV-NP101 Hα Gallery

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