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Imaging Sys Accessories Imaging Accessories > Imaging Sys Accessories > Focal Path Accessories
Typical Focal Path a... Typical Focal Path accessories for imaging and viewing with 'is' scopes. Consult the user manual of your 'is' scope for details.
Focal Path Accessories

Optical path Imaging System accessories attach to Tele Vue "is" telescope focusers with the Imaging System Adapter supplied with the scope. Non-"is" scopes like the Tele Vue-76, Tele Vue-85, Tele Vue-NP101, Tele Vue-102 and other brands with 2" focuser can benefit from the quality, convenience and threaded coupling of select Imaging System accessories by employing the RAD-1074 (Imaging System Nosepiece for 2" Focuser) adapter. This adapter slides into any 2" focuser and provides an "is" compatible mounting thread for the Imaging System accessories. This works fine for users of APS-size imagers that don't require large field illumination and allows interchangeability of Imaging System components with non-"is" scopes.

The Imaging System focal path accessories don't lock you into working with a proprietary system: your existing 2" accessories connect firmly to the 2.4" Imaging System accessories through our A2A-1107 (2.4" Adapter for 2" Accessories) adapter.

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