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More Information
Expanded discussion on Imaging System Accessories and "is" telescopes can be found by following the links below.

Fine Focus
Fine focus on all Tele Vue scopes starts with the Focusmate dual speed focuser. Found on most of our current model scopes with 2" or larger drawtubes, the fine-focus knob on this unit yields a 10:1 reduction in focus travel. Its function is enhanced by the variable speed Focusmate Driver motor.

  • Focusmate Driver: More information on the accessory that provides vibration-free focus in very small increments.

Focus Readout
Focus position of your Tele Vue scope is easy to display on your computer with our Digital Indicator and our data cable. This is a perfect setup for manually fine-tuning your focus and returning to focus position.

  • TVFocus Software: Link and instructions to this program that allows basic readout and control of Digital Indicator on computer.

Automatic focus requires a computer synchronized ballet that relates focus position with resulting image. Several Imaging System accessories and ASCOM driver, work with your camera, computer and software to make this happen. The following articles explain the interactions of these components .

  • Tele Vue Focusmaster and Control Software: Links to software that works with Focusmaster and recommended accessories. Contains details on installation and use of  TVFocusPlus software, and ASCOM driver.
  • Automate Image Focusing: Overview of use of automated focusing using Focusmaster, related Imaging System accessories, an ASCOM driver with your camera and computer. 

is Telescopes
These scope can take full advantage of the Imaging System Focal Path accessories to provide unvignetted images on 35mm-scale and larger imagers.

  • NP-127is & NP-101is page describes our "is" line scopes with big 2.4" diameter focusers.

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