NP127is & NP101is Focuser & Focal Path Accessories > NP127is & NP101is Focuser & Focal Path Accessories

B. LMK-2404/LMF-2405 Digital Indicator Kits for Large Focuser
C. DSF-8002 2" Everbrite Star Diagonal
D. FDU-2003 Focusmate Driver electronic vari-speed motor control.
E. LCL-1069 Large Field Corrector for optimized edge performance on NP101is and NP127is (for big chip sizes)
F. NPR-1073 0.8X reducer
G. AFT-1105 48mm Filter adapter
H. AD2-1110 Apogee U47 D2/Yankee Robtic adpter
I. AD7-1111 Apogee U9000/U16 D7/D9 adapter
J. STL-1071 SBIG STL series adapter
K. TRG-1072 Standard T-Ring adapter
L. CWT-2070 Canon Wide T adapter
M. A2A-1107 2" Accessory adapter
N. TLX-1108 SCT Type Threaded Filter Housing adapter
O. TLA-0250 0.25" long threaded extension
P. TLB-0375 0.375" long threaded extension
Q. TLC-0500 0.500" long threaded extension
R. TLD-1000 1.000" long threaded extension
S. NPE-1118 1.5x Extender for NPis Scopes
Focuser Features
A. Large Focuser for NP101is and NP127is Standard features (A) include:
  • ·Drawtube with 3" entrance aperture, 2.4" exit aperture
  • ·End-ring with tilt capability
  • ·4 lock knobs to secure camera equipment or 2" adapter
  • ·Body has brass clamp ring with 2 lock knobs
  • ·Focusmate 10:1 dual speed focuser
  • ·Indexed 2" accessory adapter with brass clamp ring
  • ·Imaging insert threaded for imaging system components
  • More Information on Imaging with these Telescopes

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