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Telescope Balance Aid

The plate simply attaches to TV-76's mount ring with the provided screws and moves the balance point about 2½" forward. This helps balance the scope with heavy eyepieces and accessories. Hardware is provided for attachment on Tele Vue Tele Pod-style mounts or on photo tripods.

Telescope Balance Aid Long

The Long Balance Aid provides a multitude of mounting options and balance positions for your telescope. The various slots will accommodate all of Tele Vue's mounting ring systems.

The plate can be mounted above or below the cradle of Tele Pod-style mounts. It can accept the Tele Vue / Vixen Plate (AVT-1011) for swaping telescopes between Tele Vue and Vixen-style mounts. Tele Vue rings MRS-4000 or MRS-5000 can also be attached.

Product List
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APB-1008 Telescope Balance Aid
APL-1096 Telescope Balance Aid Long

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