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Eyepiece Accessories
ASF-8125 2”-1¼” Adapter - Satin, HiHat
AIT-2125 2”-1¼” In-Travel Adapter
ACF-2125 2”-1¼” Adapter, Flat top
BEC-0005 2”-1¼” Adapter - Equalizer, HiHat
SCT Adapters

SCT Adapters thread onto the standard Celestron C8 visual back to allow use of standard 2" eyepiece accessories — such as our Everbrite diagonal mirror.

Where SCT fork swing-through clearance is an issue, attach our Flat Top 2"-1¼" Adapter to your 1¼" eyepieces. Your 1¼" eyepiece now becomes a low-profile 2" eyepiece.

Product List
Eyepiece Accessories
ACF-2125 2”-1¼” Adapter, Flat top
SCT Accessories
ACC-0003 SCT Adapter, long

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