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FoneMate™ / Digiscoping Adapters
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Tele Vue  FoneMate&t...
Tele Vue FoneMate™ Adapter for smart phone

Taking photos through a telescope eyepiece is an ideal method for nature and planetary/solar photography. Your astro targets can include the moon/lunar eclipses, sun/solar eclipses (with solar filter on telescope!), bright conjunctions, and even planets.

Tele Vue adapters allow solid, accurate attachment of smart phones and digital cameras to appropriate Tele Vue eyepieces for "afocal" imaging (Digiscoping). "Afocal" means collimating light between the telescope eyepiece and camera lens.

To minimize vignetting and maximize image quality, see the Eyepiece Specifications table for eyepieces recommended for FoneMate™. Because camera pupils move with zooming, you may find minimum vignetting at the extremes of zoom positions. Results will vary depending on the camera used.

Tele Vue has two types of Digiscoping adapters: FoneMate™ for smart phones and a Digital Rings/Radian Adapter system for Point-and-Shoot cameras with filter threads.

Tele Vue Digital Rin...
Tele Vue Digital Ring/Radian Adapter for Point-and-Shoot

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