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Required Tele Vue Hardware

Following is the complete list of Tele Vue hardware required in addition to your Tele Vue scope, camera, computer, and focusing software.

FMU-2319 Focusmaster Computer Interface

Focusmaster is the hardware interface between your computer and the Tele Vue hardware on the telescope. It connects to your computer by way of included USB cable and provides connections to the Focusmate driver and Digital indicator. The ASCOM plug-ins and a stand-alone manual focus program, TVFocusPlus, is available on the Product details... link.

RSC-2320 Indicator to computer RS232 cable 10 ft.

This cable is required for the Focusmaster to receive data from the digital indicator. Product details...

FDU-2003 FocusmateDriver 6:1, Universal
FDF-2004 FocusmateDriver10:1

The Focusmate driver controls the Focusmate focuser on the scope. Model FDF-2004 is expressly for scopes with black pinions (TVNP-127is S# 1175+, TVNP-101is S# 1227+, TVNP101 S# 1982+, TV-76, and TV-85 that came with Focusmate standard). See Product details... for more information.

RMK-2002 10 Micron Indicator Kit for 2" focuser
RMF-2003 1 Micron Indicator Kit for 2" focuser
LMK-2404 10 Micron Indicator Kit for 2.4" focuser
LMF-2405 1 Micron Fine Indicator Kit for 2.4" focuser

The Digital indicator measures the focus position of the scope. Choose the indicator that matches your focuser and the desired position accuracy. Product details...

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