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ASCOM Plug-in Driver

ASCOM plug-in drivers for Focusmaster™ allow software packages to control the Focusmaster™. The ASCOM Plug-ins discussed here were tested on MaxIM DL 4.

Download screen...
Download screen

Welcome to setup scr...
Welcome to setup screen
System Requirements

  • Windows 98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP/7-32 bit operating system
  • ASCOM platform installed on computer.
  • Software that accepts ASCOM plug-ins for focus control (such as MaxIm DL and Astroart) installed on computer. In many cases this software automatically installs the ASCOM platform.

Recommended Accessories

See Automate Image Focusing page for a list of accessories that work with Focusmaster™.

ASCOM Driver Software Installation and Setup

These instructions demonstrate how to install and setup a Focusmaster™ ASCOM driver.

ASCOM Driver Install

  1. Make sure ASCOM-compliant focusing software is installed and functioning on your computer.
  2. Install the ASCOM platform if not already installed. You can confirm installation by locating "ASCOM Platform" under Start/Programs or Start/Settings/Control Panel Add/Remove programs applet.
  3. Download the correct Focusmaster™ ASCOM driver for your setup and install it.
    • Download absolute driver if using the Digital Indicator to autofocus.
    • Download relative driver to manually focus using your camera control software.

    Select [Open] or [Run] button on download dialog (image top-right) to begin download and install. You can also opt to click the [Save] button to download the file to a local computer folder; then manually click the file to begin installation.

  4. Follow the prompts in the install dialog boxes (welcom screen image at right).

ASCOM Driver Setup

As the setup must be done through a host program, the example here uses MaxIM DL 4. Numbered steps refer to numbers on the images.

  1. Start MaxIM DL and open the Telescope Control window.
  2. In the Telescope Control window select the Setup tab.
  3. Click the [Options] button below the Focuser selector.
    MaxIm DL Setup...
    MaxIm DL Setup
  4. Select [Choose] to display the ASCOM Chooser.
    Focuser options...
    Focuser options
  5. Select the Focusmaster™ driver and then click [Properties...] to open the Focusmaster™ setup dialog.
    ASCOM Focuser Choose...
    ASCOM Focuser Chooser
  6. Optimum results can be had if the Motor Speed text box is set to 200 (refer back to first screen-shot in series). Click [OK] to return to the Telescope Control window.
  7. Select the Autofocus tab of the Telescope Control window and click the [Settings] button to display the Autofocus Settings dialog.
    MaxIM DL Autofocus s...
    MaxIM DL Autofocus settings
  8. In the Autofocus Settings dialog it is very important to set the correct value in the Telescope Focal Ratio text box. The correct value is engraved on your telescope or printed in the owners manual.
  9. If using the absolute driver: Focuser Step Size should be set to 100 and the Microinches radio button selected. Neither setting is relevant for the relative driver.

Absolute driver / Autofocus Note
The Digital Indicator must be set to inches normal x1 mode to properly measure distance for the ASCOM plug-in.
ASCOM Driver Software Uninstall

  • In Start/Settings/Control Panel find Add/Remove programs applet.
  • Select on Focusmaster_XXX_ASCOM (where XXX is rel or abs) and click the [Remove] button to uninstall.

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