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Focusmaster™ Compatible Computer Software

Tele Vue's Focusmaster™ needs computer-based software to operate. On this page you'll find links to downloadable software and ASCOM plug-in drivers for third-party focusing software. Read this section carefully as these downloads accomplish different tasks.

ShoeString Focus (for Mac OSX)
ShoeString Focus from Stark-Labs is a free program for controlling Focusmaster on the Mac. Follow the link for specs and details.

TVFocusPlus (for Windows)
TVFocusPlus is free stand-alone software that allows you to change and monitor focus position though your computer. As it requires no additional software, TVFocusPlus is a good way to verify the Focusmaster™ hardware is setup correctly.

ASCOM drivers (for Windows)
ASCOM plug-in drivers allow ASCOM compatible focusing software (such as MaxIM DL and Astroart) to control the Focusmaster. There are two plug-ins: absolute for autofocusing with Digital Indicator and relative for manual-only focusing.

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