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TVFocusPlus software allows Focusmaster™ to computer-control your focuser. 

Software Features
  • Continuous or momentary position readout.
  • Preset positions (saved between sessions) are handy if you use various filters that change the point of best focus or even swap non-parfocal eyepieces. Yellow and green indicators when you are approaching or have achieved a preset focus position.
  • Zero reset allows you to zero the indicator at any point.
  • Continuous or momentary motor motion in both directions.
  • Full-control over motor speed.
  • Night-vision mode.

Focusmaster™ (... Focusmaster™ (center) with included USB cable (left). Options shown: Focusmate Driver motor (top) and Digital indicator with Indicator to RS232 cable (bottom).
System Requirements

  • Tele Vue Focusmate and Tele Vue Focusmate Driver installed on telescope
  • Windows 98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP or greater operating system
  • Free USB port

Recommended Accessories

  • Tele Vue Digital indicator
  • Tele Vue Indicator to computer RS232

TVFocusPlus Computer Software Installation

Usage instructions for the free TVFocusPlus software are included with the Focusmaster™ computer interface.

The install program is contained in a self-extracting archive file. It must be (1) downloaded and (2) the install files extracted before the (3) TVFocusPlus install can run. Just follow the simple steps below.

  1. Download self-extracting archive file (2.85 MB) containing the TVFocusPlus install software.
  • Select [Open] or [Run] button on download dialog to begin download and extraction.


  • Select [Save] button to download achieve to a local computer folder; then manually click achieve to begin the extraction.
  1. In self-extractor dialog (shown right):
  • Select [Browse] button to locate an easy-to-remember folder to extract the install files to (or do nothing and accept the default 'Unzip to folder').
  • Select [Unzip] button to extract the setup program to that folder.
  • You will receive a confirmation if the files extracted successfully.
  1. In the extracted-to folder:
  • Execute setup.exe  and the program will then install and register itself.
  • You can delete the install files in the download folder after install.

TVFocusPlus Computer Software Troubleshooting

You should be able to locate and run TVFocusPlus in Start/Programs/TVFocusPlus. If you receive the Missing Shortcut dialog (right), follow these TVFocusPlus Shortcut Fix instructions.

TVFocusPlus Computer Software Uninstall

  • In Start/Settings/Control Panel find Add/Remove programs applet.
  • Select on TVFocusPlus and click the [Remove] button to uninstall.

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