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Tele Vue Optics, Inc. has been producing telescopes for terrestrial and astronomical use since 1985. From the lightweight, 60mm-aperture Tele Vue 60 APO model to the Tele Vue 85 APO — rated tops for optics by the Cornell Ornithology Lab — you'll find rugged USA built quality along with versatility and optical excellence.

In addition to the widest-angle views of any spotting scopes, and the photographic capabilities when used as fast telephoto lenses, every Tele Vue telescope is tested to perform to the theoretical ideal for high power observations. Your long-distance "microscope" for feather structure at 150x can also become your passport to the moon, planets, and stars.

Check over the reviews, specs and customer comments and call a Tele Vue dealer or our office in Chester, NY at 845-469-4551 for any questions you may have. "Dare to be different" and reap the rewards of visual experiences never imagined!

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