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Paracorr Type-2 for 2" Focusers

Mount your DSLR or CCD to the Paracorr Type 2 lens assembly and the quality of full frame photos will be spectacular since star image sizes on the image plane can be less than .001" over the full frame for an f/4.5 mirror. Edge-of-field sharpness is further enhanced since Paracorr also acts as a field-flattener. Works on all f-ratios f/3 and slower without adding any false color or spherical aberration! See spot size graphs: PDF or JPG. NOTE: Curves shown are typical for mirror focal lengths in the 1200mm or longer focal length range. For focal lengths shorter than 1200mm, you might find some field curvature. In general, we recommend APS size formats, which would typically yield 90% illumination over a 30mm diagonal chip.

The Paracorr Type 2 allows separating the optical assembly from the Tunable Top and using it with Tele Vue imaging system components to permit use with SLR and CCD cameras. APS size formats 27mm diameter are recommended to minimize field vignetting. Ideal for mirrors as fast as f/3.

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