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Top-to-bottom: a pai... Top-to-bottom: a pair of 24mm Panoptic eyepieces, Bino Vue body (BVB-2003), T-Ring adapter (PTR-2200) and 2x 2" Powermate™ (PMT-2200).
Powermate™ & Barlow Notes

Using the Bino Vue with attached 2x amplifier/corrector, you can insert the amplifier into the Tele Vue 1¼" 2x Barlow to yield 5x magnification, or the 1¼" 3x Barlow to yield 7.2x magnification. The Tele Vue 1¼" 2x Barlow can also act as a 3.2x amplifier when it's chrome barrel is used with the BVC-0125 Bino Vue flat coupler (see table below).

A more compact excellent alternative is to use the 2" 4x Powermate with T-Ring adapter directly into the Bino Vue body (instead of the 2x amplifier/corrector) to yield 4.3x magnification.

If you own a 2" 2x Powermate and T-Ring adapter (PTR-2200) you can use it in place of the 2x amplifier/corrector and have an extra sturdy setup that slides into 2" eyepiece holders. This setup requires about 20mm more in-travel from normal telescope focus position.

The above arrangements are the best we have found, yielding full field sharpness with maximum illumination uniformity, as tested with the 24mm Panoptics, the sharpest widest field eyepiece for Bino Vue.

Effective Focal Length Examples
32mm Plössl16.
24mm Panoptic12.
19mm Panoptic9.

NOTE: SCT and Maksutov's, with their large focus accommodations, don't need the 2x amplifier to achieve focus.

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