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Focusmaster Documentation

The Focusmaster Operating Guide (PDF) discusses hardware connections to the Focusmaster and using TVFocusPlus software for motor and Digital Indicator control.

The Focusmaster Autofocus Overview & Setup (PDF) document expands on what is in the Guide. It contains an overview of the closed-loop focusing system (absolute ASCOM driver and Digital Indicator required), images and model numbers of related accessories, and a Maxim DL 4 with ASCOM walkthrough.

Focusmaster / Digital Indicator Software Downloads

Please review the Focusmaster Autofocus Overview & Setup (PDF) and Focusmaster Operating Guide (PDF) documents to decide what components below you need to download. Those documents have the installation instructions. All software is Windows compatible.

Most non-Tele Vue-branded software requires the ASCOM drivers to operate the Focusmaster. The ASCOM Platform must be installed on your computer for these drivers to work.
  • Make sure to have the latest ASCOM platform from — the [DOWNLOAD] button is on the right of their front page.
  • Run the ASCOM Diagnostic tool that installs with the latest ASCOM platform (Locate in Windows 7: START Button > Search Programs and Files: ASCOM). After running it, click [View Last Log] file in the Diagnostic dialog and search for "Focusmaster" — all instances — to see if it found the driver and if there are any "fails". More info on using the Diagnostic Tool is on the ASCOM-Starndards FAQ.
  • The Yahoo! ASCOM-TALK is an official resource you can post questions to.

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