David Nagler Talks Eyepieces at RCE '18
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David Nagler was interviewed about eyepieces, Barlows, and Powermates in Paris, France, by Christophe De La Chapelle for his "La Chaine Astro" show on YouTube. The interview took place in the Optique Unterlinden booth at the 2018 Rencontres du Ciel et de l'Espace space/astronomy show. In this illustrated presentation, David discusses how eyepieces work, how to choose eyepieces, Tele Vue's design philosophy, how Barlows work, the Powermate difference, and more.

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00:00 Tele Vue President David Nagler introduced by Christophe De La Chapelle
00:45 1 - How does an eyepiece work?
07:48 2 - How to choose an eyepiece?
13:40 Budget
15:00 Eyepiece performance on "Fast" and "slow" telescopes
15:55 3 - Barlow and Powermate what [are the] differences?
17:10 Barlow
20:14 Powermate
20:59 Powermates Imaging
21:42 Closing comments

Screen capture of Da...
Screen capture of David from the show.

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